Roy Hirschfeld MA, EDS

I specialize in Marriage and Family therapy, depression resolution, techniques for reduction in anxiety and work very well with children of all ages and teens. I also have a strong background in children with special needs and autism. I am trained in cognitive behavioral therapy and have an excellect success rate in helping clients create effective changes in their lives." - R. Hirschfeld, MA, EDS
NJ Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
NJ Licensed Rehabilitation Counselor
NJ Licensed School Guidance Counselor
Roy Hirschfeld obtained his Master of Arts from Montclair University (Montclair, NJ) with Specialization in Guidance and Counseling and Education Specialist Degree from Seton University (So. Orange, NJ) with Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. He also completed his Bachelor of Arts from Montclair State College (Montclair, NJ) with Specialization in Teacher Education. His extensive work experience includes Marriage, Family and Child Therapist (CJBH); Psychology and Sociology Adjunct Instructor (Montlclair State University, NJ); Medical and Vocational Specialist (Crawford Healthcare Management Services/Intracrop Corp); Family Therapist (Behavioral Dynamics Associates, Inc.); Elementary Guidance Counselor (Chester Public Schools); Social Work Supervisor (State of NJ,Div. of Developmental Disabilities); Mayor and Township Council Person (Springfield, NJ). Publication: Healthy Loving "A Practical Guide to An Effective Relationship", Roy Allan Hirschfeld. BDA Inc. and Book Masters Inc. 2000

Roy is a member of the KAPPA DELTA PI Honor Society, a recepient of Outstanding Young Men of America Award (1987) and a former Mayor of the Township of Springfield, New Jersey.

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